21 Day #SlateDrawingChallenge!

Here at the Slate HQ, we believe that Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised daily. And so, to live up to our mantra, we planned last year to embed a 21-Day Drawing Challenge in the Slate 2015 Planner! The 21-Day Drawing Challenge is found on the August dashboard of your Slate Planner, … Continue reading


Let’s take advantage of the rainy season, and the coming school break! Choose one from three [or all] of the Design Challenges below, and get the chance to win one of three awesome Sloots*! Send your entries to livecreatively@slateplanner.com with the subject TRIPLE DECKER CHALLENGE, and don’t forget to include the following: Design Challenge #: Full … Continue reading

Design Challenge: MAD MONEY!

Deadline of Submission of Entries: JULY 5, 2013 MECHANICS 1. Design the bill! You can work on your design digitally or by hand! Choose to work on the spread found on the pages of your Slate 2013 Planner, print it out and render it by hand, or work directly on the digital file found in … Continue reading

Slate 2013 Design Challenge #2!

*Doodle artwork found in the background of the Featured Image is by Eeshaun of Gardensilly.com 🙂 sloot, n. Slate + Loot = SLOOT!  A Planet Slate loot bag/ goody bag filled with random awesome objects inside to be won by joining Design Challenges Mechanics to win a Sloot varies for each Design Challenge When used in … Continue reading

Design Challenge: So, What’s Your Story?

Continue the book doodle below and complete it with the book title, cover art, and everything else! Send us a scanned or  photographed copy of your doodle to livecreatively@slateplanner.com and you might just win a mini Sloot! Watch out for the complete mechanics at our Facebook Page!

Win a Slate 2013 Planner + Ayala Cinema Movie Passes!

Hello everyone! Here’s your chance to win a Slate 2013 Planner Limited edition designer cover, or a Slate 2013 Planner Classic 🙂 MECHANICS 1. Double Challenge : Continue the art work and create a story! You can work on your design digitally or by hand! Choose to work on the spread found on the pages of … Continue reading

July: Move Out of Mediocrity

Planeteers, the first half of the year is done! Can you believe it? Now then is the best time as any to make this month’s theme a reality – to move out of mediocrity, because life is definitely sweeter at the summit! For whatever it’s worth, it doesn’t really matter that it’s already July, or … Continue reading

School’s Back Design Challenge!

School has just started and before it goes on full throttle, take on this design challenge! Design this bag and get a chance to win a 15-inch blue and white polka dot satchel from Bagellia Filipinas (check out the satchel below)! MECHANICS 1. Design your pack! You can work on your design digitally or by hand! Choose to … Continue reading

2012 First Quarter Design Challenge Winners!

Hello hello, Apologies for the delay! It’s Friday and we’re keen on getting the news out! Here are the winners and prizes of the First Quarter Design Challenge! Three Random Single Items Winners! Rabbit “The rabbit is inspired by the rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland, I just added a diabolical aura in it through … Continue reading

April’s Writing Challenge!

This month is all about building on your brilliance! If you haven’t discovered what you’re good at yet, there are two pages from the Slate 2012 Planner that will challenge your skills on writing or designing. The first one can win you a Sloot*! Try your hand in creating a story with gaps! Fill in … Continue reading