Slate Reel: The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Lion (2010)

April is all about cheerful zappy fun, but we thought it would really be fun to inject some melancholy in that chirpy yellow place. So, here’s a film that has a brilliant yellow-orange palette but with despondent undertones. The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Lion offers you a pensive sadness with a sunny background … Continue reading

Slate Reel: Sweet Dreams (2008)

If you’ve bothered to browse through your May 2013 dashboard, you will find there a blurb about a short film called Sweet Dreams. It’s an animated short that gives you just the right dose of sweet and veggies that will definitely hit the spot. If you’ve been smacking your brain and keyboard on where you … Continue reading

Slate Reel: Lucas (1986)

Something light and feel-good for this month – Lucas is a film most would not consider as blockbuster, but it certainly has become sort of a minor cult classic for teen movies. Perhaps because of its small unique shifts of conventional teen movie stereotypes or how many of its characters became huge stars; but no … Continue reading

Slate Reel: Balance (animated short)

Before February ends, here’s a treat to honor our Attack the Addiction month. One of the classics, Balance (this month’s antidote!), won the Oscar for Animated Short Film in 1989. Directed and produced by German twin brothers Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, it is simple and unpretty, yet affectively powerful.  Some may find it a bit … Continue reading

Slate Reel: Restless

Restless (2011) is lovely to watch on a weekend or a weeknight after a stressful day, as it serves as an attractive alternative to your usual rom-coms. It’s surprisingly light and has that good-natured vibe that bewilderingly straddles reality and dream state that are inherent of several Van Sant films. Although not one of his best … Continue reading