21 Day #SlateDrawingChallenge!

Here at the Slate HQ, we believe that Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised daily. And so, to live up to our mantra, we planned last year to embed a 21-Day Drawing Challenge in the Slate 2015 Planner! The 21-Day Drawing Challenge is found on the August dashboard of your Slate Planner, … Continue reading

Continue This Artwork by Paulina Ortega

In between Slate’s March and April pages, you’ll find a wonderful beach spread of an unfinished watercolor artwork made by beautiful illustrator, Paulina Paige Ortega. Floating beachwear and dialog boxes await you to fill them in with whatever you imagine! Check out Captain Slate’s version below. We’re also giving away a Sloot* to the best continued artwork! … Continue reading

Design Challenge: MAD MONEY!

Deadline of Submission of Entries: JULY 5, 2013 MECHANICS 1. Design the bill! You can work on your design digitally or by hand! Choose to work on the spread found on the pages of your Slate 2013 Planner, print it out and render it by hand, or work directly on the digital file found in … Continue reading

Slate 2013 Design Challenge #2!

*Doodle artwork found in the background of the Featured Image is by Eeshaun of Gardensilly.com 🙂 sloot, n. Slate + Loot = SLOOT!  A Planet Slate loot bag/ goody bag filled with random awesome objects inside to be won by joining Design Challenges Mechanics to win a Sloot varies for each Design Challenge When used in … Continue reading

2012 First Quarter Design Challenge Winners!

Hello hello, Apologies for the delay! It’s Friday and we’re keen on getting the news out! Here are the winners and prizes of the First Quarter Design Challenge! Three Random Single Items Winners! Rabbit “The rabbit is inspired by the rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland, I just added a diabolical aura in it through … Continue reading

A SLOOTable First!

HELLO! The Slate Team is very excited to open the first ever Sloot* giveaway of 2012! So without any more delays, the challenge this month is to continue the doodle below: Here’s the deal, you can either choose to complete the doodle in your Slate Planner or download the image above (by right click saving … Continue reading

Last Sloot Winner of 2011

Listening to: Something Good Can Work, Two Door Cinema Club I realized that I was writing on the last pages of my Slate 2011 Planner this morning (how bittersweet!) and along with that (realization) came a punch pinch on my arm reminding me to publish this post immediately! (I apologize for the delay!) The winning submission of the … Continue reading

Here’s Looking at You, Kid~

HOLA! (Well, thank the heavens for that! It is kinda comforting to hear…not that I’m old or something. Ehem. Haha!)  This rainy month of August is all about rediscovering the joys of being a kid! So to start off, what does being a kid mean to you? Personally, I think being a kid is looking … Continue reading

June Sloot Giveaway!★

For most of you young guns, school will resume in a couple of days (if it hasn’t already). Surely the rainy and chilly weather hasn’t made it easy on us to wake up early. Oh hey, Mr. Weather, good job on making me late again! It’s a battlefield in my bed! A battlefield! I feel … Continue reading

Hello, Junebug!

So, this month is Relax-and-Take-a-Breather-month. Personally, I didn’t anticipate that I will be busy on a month with a lighten up theme. Juggling my day job, managing Planet Slate, tyring to put together a new business plan and going to different cities to see what we can feature here is well, kinda tiring (but fun, don’t get … Continue reading