Artist Quick Draw (2nd Qtr) : Paulina Ortega

Paulina Paige Ortega is a true Filipino global talent, and that’s why we’re thrilled to feature her work as our quarter spread. She has worked in Manila, Singapore, and now Sydney as a graphic designer, illustrator, and all-around creative person. Her destination is not the only thing that’s diverse, but this adjective rings true for her work … Continue reading

Artist Quick Draw (February): Vanessa Augustin

For 2015, Slate aims to feature various kinds of artists from different parts of the world. With this in mind, we couldn’t have chosen a better creative person to kick off this year’s slew of talented artists.  She is one of the many Filipino talents who are being recognized globally, but still is not one … Continue reading

Artist Quick Draw (September): Lei Melendres

  Lei Melendres is an all-star. Let us tell you why. Aside from being one of the most popular doodle artists in the Philippines, he is also a stalwart supporter of the doodle movement. You see in his work (check out his Doodle Float inside the pages of Slate September 2014) how dedicated he is to the … Continue reading

Artist Quick Draw (June) : Robx Bautista

Slate loves Robx Bautista. There, we said it.  This multi-hyphenate all-around creative person has been featured in our planner for two years now (see thumbnail on left), but he’s never failed to leave us awe-struck with his vibrant creations. The first time we featured him was for our February 2013 edition, his Alice putting a gorgeous … Continue reading

Artist Quick Draw (March) : Gerome Soriano

In the March pages of your Slate Planner, you will find an arresting photograph that’s quite difficult to figure out at first glance, but brings a surprising realization after a few seconds of looking intently. That work of art is called Looking Up No. 7, a kite aerial photograph by Gerome Soriano. We first met … Continue reading

Artist Quick Draw (February) : Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Master of optical illusions, genius in visual perception, trompe l’oeil connoisseur, expert 3D image-maker. Akiyoshi Kitaoka is a professor in Japan by day and all these things all other times. We gave you a brief introduction to him and his work via the Slate 2014 Planner, but we know those pages cannot hold all his … Continue reading