January Design Challenge Winner!

Hello everyone! This is long overdue so let me get to announcing the placers and the very first Sloot winner for 2012! Huzzah!                                                                 … Continue reading

A SLOOTable First!

HELLO! The Slate Team is very excited to open the first ever Sloot* giveaway of 2012! So without any more delays, the challenge this month is to continue the doodle below: Here’s the deal, you can either choose to complete the doodle in your Slate Planner or download the image above (by right click saving … Continue reading

A Race to 2012

Listening to: A Spell A Rebel Yell, Coldplay Hello! Here at the Slate HQ, we’re busy answering emails, inquiries, text messages and [most importantly] preparing new additions to our home in cyberspace, Planet Slate! We’re putting up a page for all the art and literary works you all have sent us from all over the … Continue reading

Last Sloot Winner of 2011

Listening to: Something Good Can Work, Two Door Cinema Club I realized that I was writing on the last pages of my Slate 2011 Planner this morning (how bittersweet!) and along with that (realization) came a punch pinch on my arm reminding me to publish this post immediately! (I apologize for the delay!) The winning submission of the … Continue reading

November SLOOT!

The DESIGN CHALLENGE No matter what shoes you wear, we’re sure they have to match your personality ! Choose from one of the shoe templates below, design the spread, and get a chance to win a pair of shoes from our good friends from PaART! Aside from the awesome pair of shoes we’re giving away, we’re … Continue reading

Creative Inspiration: Children’s Book Illustrators!

There’s something about cracking open a children’s book and reading it for the first time. Children’s books always bring a smile to my face and I always find and take inspiration from them. Some people adults love novels, fiction and or graphic novels…me? I LOVE CHILDREN’S BOOKS! I have a collection of them at home … Continue reading

Creative Inspiration from Jan von Holleben

I stumbled upon Jan von Holleben‘s works while looking for inspiration for a new illustration I have in my head. I was looking for a silhouette of a kid jumping that I can copy from. I couldn’t really find any good ones so I decided to just draw it organically myself but then just as … Continue reading

Congratulations! You Just Won a SLOOT!

Wait, what? I just won a sloot? sloot, n. Slate + Loot = SLOOT!  A Planet Slate loot bag/ goody bag of random objects to be given away to a planeteer Only one sloot per month up for grabs! The mechanics to get the chance to win the sloot will vary every month When used … Continue reading

Weekend Project: Create!

It’s summer! Oh great, Mr. Obvious. NOW WHAT? The concept of summer vacation flew out of the window when I started working. We -working peeps- really don’t have the privilege that most students have and get 2 months off school. Kinda sucks, really. We do have weekends though! Ahhh, something to look forward to! A … Continue reading