Artist Quick Draw


We had a quick chat with Singapore-based artist, eeshaun of in between emails of when he was choosing the winners for Slate 2013’s 1st Quarter Design Challenge!
You may recognize his signature playful, surrealist style in the same Design Challenge he oh so generously contributed to Slate 2013, free for everyone to explore continuing his amazing artwork!

Captain Slate: Tell us about yourself!
Eeshaun: My name is eeshaun and I am an artist.

Captain Slate: How did you get into art?
Eeshaun: I started drawing from a young age, but I only really started taking it seriously when I was in University.

Captain Slate: Has your art/style changed since you started?
Eeshaun: Yes, I think. The style evolves everyday, but the essence/flavour of the work stays the same.

adidas all 24

Captain Slate: What is the process behind creating your works?
Eeshaun: I like improvisation and live painting/drawing, and the surprises and challenges that unfold as you draw.  

Captain Slate: What are the 5 things that inspire you/your work right now?
Artists that abide by the same artistic philosophies and values as me, and

Artease Bubbletea Captain Slate: What is your favorite work/project so far?
Eeshaun: It’s the Lacoste Live Shop Opening/Collaboration I worked on in Singapore.

Lacoste Live! Interview with Eeshaun Soh from ohboy! pictures on Vimeo.

Know more about our dear friend Shaun Soh of here. x

 Captain Slate

P.S. Check back for our next Artist Quick Draw!

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