Slate in 2016

To Our Dearest Friends,

In 2010, the Slate Planner was conceived. When it was released in 2011, it officially was the first thing I created that I truly shared to the public with pride. I share this sentiment collectively with the Slate Team.

We value your continuous support, kindness, and love for Slate all these years.

Thank you.
Thank you for helping us realize our dream.

And so, this short love letter breaks our hearts, as I announce that we have halted the production of the Slate 2016 Planner in the earlier half of this year.

For reasons not limited to the exploration of diverting our resources to other pursuits in hopes of creating bigger and better avenues to support local artists, inspire a creative lifestyle, and continue the sharing of interests in film, literature, and art – we are taking a pause.

The future cannot paint a date when the Slate Planner will be back, but we know we will.

The Slate Planner remains a phantom limb to all of us here in the Slate HQ until its return, but please do note that this space in the interwebs will stay, and the Team and I are all still here to write to you, and share.

We hope for your kind understanding.

Continue to live creatively!
Captain Slate

P.S. You may send over your concerns, questions, love notes, and your grief to

3 Responses to “Slate in 2016”
  1. Antonio aberin says:

    Well this sucks.. Ive been waiting for it every year.. Every year….


  2. Faith says:

    So you don’t have slate planners for 2016?


  3. asdffdsa1ok says:



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