Artist Quick Draw (March) : Iori Espiritu

We’ve known Iori since we were young and although she has always been a creative individual, we’re so happy to see her become a unique artist treading her own path. The photograph of her one-of-a-kind mugs inside the Slate 2015 speaks volumes about her – unpretentious, peculiar, and original. Learn more about Iori (even her name is unique!) and her various artistic projects below!


Captain Slate: Tell us about yourself! 

Iori Espiritu: Hi! I’m Iori. I do all sorts of things from pottery, to drawing, to singing in the bathroom. 


Captain Slate: How did you get into art?

Iori Espiritu: I started drawing back in elementary by copying cartoons I watch on TV. I also liked doodling in my notebooks during class. As for pottery, it began during college after seeing a photo of a man in Ilocos throwing a huge pot. I said I wanted to try it so I looked for classes in Manila and found the Pettyjohn’s workshop in Glorietta. I’ve been hooked ever since!


Iori Espiritu Slate 02


Captain Slate: Has your art/style changed since you started?

Iori Espiritu: Definitely! I like exploring mediums and techniques so my art is still continuing to evolve.


Captain Slate: What is the process behind creating your works?

Iori Espiritu: For illustration, it usually starts with a sketch, and I work out the details afterwards. For pottery, it is quite the opposite, most of the works are unplanned. I let the clay speak to me and I just let the form emerge as I go along.



Iori Espiritu Slate 03


Captain Slate: What are the 5 things that inspire you/your work right now?

Iori Espiritu: The sea, travel, nature, fleeting moments and the internet


Captain Slate: What is your favorite work/project so far?

Iori Espiritu:  I like making the spiky mugs because it relates to me in different aspects.


Iori Espiritu Slate 01


Captain Slate: Who’s your favorite creative person?

Iori Espiritu: Not exactly a person but our group, Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan! It is filled with awesome fun creative people who inspire me to improve my craft and to make good art.


Captain Slate: Upcoming projects/shows/events

Iori Espiritu: I will be selling in Art in the Park together with friends from Ang InK this Mar 22; 10A Alabama Handmade Arts and Crafts fair on April.


We saw Iori in Art in the Park last weekend, but you can also take a look at her works through the links below:




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