Happy 25th Birthday, Photoshop! [Free Wallpaper from Slate!]

The Slate Planner has always been designed and fully laid out in Adobe Photoshop.
I know, voices in your head are saying I should use InDesign!
To tell you honestly though, the Team didn’t have enough funds to purchase InDesign when we were starting, and so it has always been Photoshop since then. Even my personal vector works are created in Photoshop. [Gasp! I feel Ai users frowning upon me.] What can I say, I just truly love Ps!

To celebrate, here’s a freebie. It’s an illustration I made for my #27PortraitsProject series. It’s super girl having an intense day somewhere with coffee in hand. Surely you’ve had one of those days!
Anyhoo, before I end this quick post, check out this rad video where CreativeLive asked 8 Photoshop experts to try their hand at Photoshop 1.0! Ps has come a long way!

Happy birthday, Photoshop! x

Live Creatively,
Captain Slate

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