Found: Chill Pill Ice Cream

This year is off to a refreshing start! Thanks to Chill Pill Ice Cream, some of the Slate team members experienced their first ever ice cream social (yes, we couldn’t believe there was such a thing). The Chill Pill Farmacists, Patricia Flores and Maris Flores, held this delightfully intimate top-secret ice cream taste test, inviting friends and foodies to try out their new flavors for 2015.



So many unique (some peculiar) flavors to choose from, but our favorites would have to be Silvery Lune, Rosemary & Honey, and Froot Loops. Those definitely had our taste buds ringing with excitement.

Not only are their flavors unusual, but the names are catchy and the branding so snappy. Take this for example, the blurb for one of their bestsellers, Tequila Flowers: And of course, best served with girlfriends on a Friday night. This rosy tequila ice cream flavor may increase sassiness, causing one to strut around in sexy lingerie and most likely to drunk dial ex boyfriends. Use as often as you please.

I mean, how clever is that?



Oh, to be an ice cream taste tester! If only we can do this for a living. I guess for now, we just have to take comfort in the delicious tubs of Chill Pill Ice Cream. Watch out for their new collection coming soon!


For inquiries and orders, send them a message through their Facebook or shoot them an email at


 Captain Slate

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