Thank You!

As fireworks go off in clusters in the sky, signaling the arrival of the new year, I stare at the last stack of Slate Planners scheduled to be shipped off someplace other than here.

It’s been five years.
Five publications –six, if you count that one that had a limited edition cover in 2013– have made it out. I never thought this baby would be here for so long. What once was a brain fart, grew into a side business.

All of this started as a passion project. We went into this with hopeful hearts fringed with doubt only wishing to produce meaningful work. This passion project served as an indulgence of our inner selves to create. We thought that we owe it to ourselves to share and produce a physical manifestation how we see the world.

And with that thought, in behalf of the Slate Team, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who have supported us.
After all these years, Slate is a lot of ours, as it is yours.

First, we would like to send out thank yous to the brilliant artists who contributed this year. I don’t know how we can top this group! Timothy Goodman, Daryl Feril, Paulina Paige Ortega, Vanessa Augustin, Iori Espiritu, and Leemour Peri, you are all so wonderful. Your visual works will inspire all the Slate users to live creatively – no doubt!

Second, let me thank all the artists who have submitted their visual and literary works to us. We are so thankful that you have let us feature your works. Thank you very much, Leonard Christian Orense, Israel Villanueva-Banta, Franz B. Tatad, Dianne Aika Zaragoza, Celena Jasmin, Jessica Bartolome, and Wyanet Alisha Eliora Alcibar. By the end of this week, there will be an album of the featured artworks in our Facebook Page, and here on the Space tab.


Lastly, we are so grateful for all of you who have purchased a copy of the 2015 Slate Planner. How else can we continue to try and make a dent in the world and keep on creating without you?

Thank you. Thank you!

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. –Richard Branson

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