What’s Inside Your August JuiceBox?

Some of the team had so much fun zigzagging the shophouses along Singapore’s Haji Lane (read about our adventure here). As we perused the quaint little shops along the colorful street, we noticed there were cats all over the place. Aside from the cats hanging out outside the door jambs or on top of store tables (in Dulcetfig!), the stores themselves featured a lot of cat merchandise. Cat lamps, cat posters, stationary, apparel, even cat carpets – all cats and kittens. Hence, we decided to get in on the secret cat craze and share some of them with our subscribers.

JB Aug 2014 numbered


Nathalie Lété is a world-renowned artist known for her children’s books, patterned novelties, textiles, jewels, knitted and stuffed toys, ceramic figures, prints and postcards. Her art has a hint of fantasy and humor, and always has that nostalgic touch of childhood naiveté. You might find her work familiar – a popular mix of vintage toys, flowers, and small animals, most prominently cats and kittens.



These 6x11cm notepads are the perfect quirky companion for travels and on-the-spot ideas. It fits perfectly in your pocket or the hidden compartments in your bags. You can choose to write or draw on all the colors of the rainbow depending on your mood. It’s non-lined, perfect for mini illustrations and untidy scribbles.



What else to go with your kitty blank pads but a kitten-head pen!



How can we not put this in a cat-themed JuiceBox? You can use it to hang your art case or mini paintings!















Nathalie Lété was born in 1964 and studied fashion design at the Art Applieque’s Dupérré and lithography at the Beaux Arts de Paris. She now resides and works in Paris. She is a multifaceted artist known for mixing different techniques and media including painting, textile, ceramics, and jewelry. Her colorful quirky style is the stuff of childhood imagination and fairytale fantasies.

She has been featured in countless magazines and has done numerous creations for brands of toys, home and lifestyle, apparel, and also with other artists and designers.

Visit her fun and colorful website here: http://www.nathalie-lete.com/

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