Turning Five


If you have stumbled upon this space randomly, know that your curiosity is welcomed with open arms, and all you need to know is that here in our humble space in the interwebs, we are all for living creatively – whatever that means to you.

I write this on our birthday month.

Planet Slate has been here for five years. We haven’t imagined our intentions of sharing would go on for this long. We’ve created the Slate Planner to become a collective of loved visual and literary works, and pushed for experiences turned recommendations – from books, to films, to found places. We archived them in the form of an annual planner, believing that these shared collections will stay with you throughout the year.

To celebrate our fifth birthday, we share with you portraits of each of our past four editions. Take a look:

Slate 2011The first born: Slate 2011
Random Beginnings

Slate 2012Slate 2012
Inner Zombies and Apocalyptic Disaster

Slate 20132013 Twins!
Everyday Celebrations and Limited Editions

Slate 20142014
Covered in Black, Living in Color

Slate 2015 SoonSlate Two Thousand Fifteen
Still baking in the oven, but coming soon!

I don’t know which one is my favorite. Maybe all? Is that possible? Haha.

I end this entry with a tremendous amount of gratitude and a brimming glass of humble juice. Our thank yous go to everyone who has been part of this collective. Thank you for this passion project you have allowed us to continue.

Hoping for the light of this adventure to never go out,
Captain Slate

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