Artist Quick Draw (August) : Karel Sevilla

If you’ve seen the stark monochrome photo in your Slate August 2014, and have been wondering who the person behind the lens is, then here’s your answer. It’s Karel Sevilla. His photographs are simple but curiously elegant, triggering an emotion or sparking a memory. What we like about his images is that they are simple observations of everyday life, people you might encounter in the street, scenes you might have seen on you way to work; but captured in a way that will make you look twice and ponder over your own observations.  Here’s more about Karel Sevilla:


Captain Slate: Tell us about yourself!

Karel Sevilla: Hi, I’m Karel and I take photos for fun.


Captain Slate: How did you get into art?

Karel Sevilla: I recall drawing a certain character called Hiei/Vincent from this tv show “Yu Yu Hakusho/Ghost Fighter”.  After finishing that masterpiece of a sketch, I was rewarded by being called up to the principal’s office. Apparently, it was because I wasn’t paying attention to the teacher.


Captain Slate: Has your art/style changed since you started?

Karel Sevilla: Yep! In grade school, I was fond of drawing cartoon characters and typography at the back of my notebooks. It was during high school that I started to take random pictures with a point and shoot camera that I borrowed from my parents. I have been hooked ever since.


Captain Slate: What is the process behind creating your works?

Karel Sevilla: I use film for my personal projects. My negatives are usually processed 2-3 months after I finish shooting them, another month for me to edit them down from 200+ photos to around 5-10 – if I’m lucky.


Captain Slate: What are the 5 things that inspire you/your work right now?

Karel Sevilla: Movies


Everyday life


Hayley Williams haha


Captain Slate: What is your favorite work/project so far?

Karel Sevilla: Always the next one.

My beautiful picture

Captain Slate: Who’s your favorite creative person?

Karel Sevilla: Joel Meyerowitz


Captain Slate: Upcoming projects/shows/­events

Karel Sevilla: I’m eyeing an exhibit with a group of people. If things fall into place, it should push through in December.

If you want to discover more about Karel and his works, feel free to browse through his online presence:

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