JuiceBox Phase 2 Starts Here! What’s Inside?

The Phase 2 of JuiceBox starts this month with our Spruce-up Jars Box! Read on to find out what’s inside and the projects you can create with it. JB July 2014 numbered 1 – A PAIR OF MINI GLASS JARS Mason jars are all the rage now, whether for beverages, organization, or just decoration. So we thought what better way to put a twist on this iconic piece of glassware than giving you two mini glass jars and letting you put your own flair to them. You can make them rustic, add typography, or just have fun with quirky patterns. You can put food in them, pins and buttons, candles, and our favorite, small plants and flowers! You cannot deny their utility and versatility and there are hundreds of projects you can make with them. So, we’re starting you off with a couple of mini ones! Read below the different creative uses for these adorable jars.

2 – MADISI MINI ACRYLIC PAINT TUBES These versatile, quick-drying paints are water-soluble, but become water-resistant when dry.  Perfect for beginners and students, their colors are bright and the texture is smooth. We’re starting you off with two vibrant colors to spruce up those jars. Make sure to clean and dry your glass jars first before applying on any paint!

3 – BERKELEY 888 ROUND BRUSH #2 This round brush can be used for acrylic, poster paint, or watercolor.  Its pointed tip is perfect for precise strokes, whether fine or thick!

BONUS! CANDY! Now, you didn’t think we’d start a new phase without giving you an extra treat, did you? For our first JuiceBox for Phase 2, we’re putting in something sweet. We thought you’d like something to munch on while squeezing out your creative juices. Make sure to finish all the candy first before you start working on your mini jars!



Image credit: All from brit.co

Indoor herb garden anyone?

Indoor herb garden anyone?

Flowers and more flowers

Flowers and more flowers

How about Mini Jar Chandelier?

How about a Mini Jar Chandelier?


Look at those lovely mini lamps

glassware + typography

glassware + typography





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