What’s Inside Your March JuiceBox? Taipei!

March JB

For our last JuiceBox before we go on a break (we’ll be back in a few months!), we’re giving our subscribers something from terrific Taipei!

So we are a bit delayed in sending out the March JuiceBox, but we have a good reason for it, trust us. Some members of our team went to Taipei for some cultural sightseeing, and we decided to source the latest JuiceBox from that city oozing with creativity and the arts. They just got back, hence the delay.  Let’s see what the team brought back for all the lucky subscribers!




Lisbeth Zwerger is an internationally recognized illustrator and one of the most honored illustrators alive today. Known for the light colors and delicate style of her illustrations, she reinterprets classic fairy tales and gives them a modern charm. This pocket-sized sketchbook / notebook features her famous work, The Little Mermaid, on the cover with the purpose of also featuring your own personal creative works inside. This particular notebook is from the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei in Datong District.



To match your sketchbook cover’s delicately gorgeous illustration, you also have your own set of brush markers. Brush marker tip mimics the action of a paintbrush hence giving you a delicate watercolor effect, but with the ease and convenience of a pen. It is perfect for illustrations calligraphy, special letters, signage, and other applications. These pens are from a side street store that looks unassuming from the outside but is crammed with art materials, stickers, gift items, and unique supplies. Taipei is filled with little stores that sell unexpected art materials, peculiar trinkets, and unique publications. One only has to enjoy the walk around the city to find these little treasure troves.



wizard of ozalice

We are delighted to share a piece of her work with you. Lisbeth Zwerger has received virtually every recognition an illustrator can receive including The Hans Christian Andersen Medal.  She is known for her contemporary reinterpretation of classic fairy tales such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and The Little Mermaid to name a few. You can recognize most of her work through her personal style of delicate brush strokes, bright colors, and a lot of blank space. She had an exhibition entitled “The World of Imagination” at the Taipei International Book Exhibition last year.

View her work here.



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