Artist Quick Draw (March) : Gerome Soriano

In the March pages of your Slate Planner, you will find an arresting photograph that’s quite difficult to figure out at first glance, but brings a surprising realization after a few seconds of looking intently. That work of art is called Looking Up No. 7, a kite aerial photograph by Gerome Soriano.

We first met Gerome when we attended Mira Asriningtyas’ Independent  Book Making Workshop at 98B, and afterwards, when he sent us some of his kite aerial photography for this year’s planner, there was no doubt that his work would fit perfectly into what our March was all about. Read about his work and process in our quick chat below and visit his websites to learn more about his portfolio and what he’s up to these days.


Hot Air Balloon Festival/ Clark,Pampanga/ 2011-02-12

Captain Slate: Tell us about yourself!
Gerome Soriano: I am Gerome Soriano 🙂 23 years old, male, Filipino, artist.
Captain Slate: How did you get into art?
Gerome Soriano: My father is an artist a graphic artist at ucc coffee 🙂 I studied fine arts major in advertising in UST. He took the same course.
I was interested in my daddy’s wonderful art materials and tools back when I was little boy. I think seeing those pencils, t-squares, drafting table, paints, computers got me to dabble in the arts.
©Gerome Soriano-20110309-12x18 ust largest human cross
Captain Slate: Has your art/style changed since you started?
Gerome Soriano: A lot! back in high school I wanted to be a comic book artist. In college I was into photography. Nowadays I’m dabbling with conceptual art.
Captain Slate: What is the process behind creating your works?
Gerome Soriano: I encounter something that sparks my interest. I follow it through with research and analysis. I take down notes (tons of them), make plans, ask peers for feedback. Then keep a sharp eye out for opportunities.
©Gerome Soriano-20110415-_-3
Captain Slate: What are the 5 things that inspire you/your work right now?
Gerome Soriano: 
Friends who like/enjoy/collect/support my work
The Philippine Art Scene
Our left hand waving golden lucky cat
Captain Slate: What is your favorite work/project so far?
Gerome Soriano: My kite aerial photography work 🙂 Because it is fun to be out in the sun and fly a ginormous kite 🙂 and attach a DSLR into its kite line 🙂 And have friends around to help me and have fun too 🙂
Captain Slate: Upcoming projects/shows/events?
Gerome Soriano: I’ll be in art bazaars 🙂 like Future Market in Escolta which you can know more about by liking the 98b page on Facebook.
Projects. Right now I’m giving lotto tickets that haven’t been drawn yet for a project. And making Certificate of Authenticities that certify the authenticity of one another 🙂
Shows. I am most likely to do another DIY birthday show this coming November 28 🙂


Want to know more about Gerome Soriano? Visit his websites by clicking on the links below!


 Captain Slate


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