JuiceBox is for you! Subscribe now!

The headquarters is buzzing with electricity today as we launch online (and offline) our new project: JuiceBox!

Now what is this JuiceBox? Let’s just say we’ll deliver a package of 3-5 art supplies to your doorstep every month, depending on how many months you want us to. Every month’s package will be different but we’ll see to it that all the items inside are related so you can produce a creative project out of them.

So if you…

– get anxious whenever you’re in a bookstore and you see all the school and office supplies because you don’t just want to buy one, you want to buy ALL

– like pretty things and like making pretty things

– want to be in the know of unique art supplies

– love getting your hands dirty making simple or complicated art projects

– just need a little more creativity in your life and you don’t know where to start

THEN JUICEBOX IS FOR YOU! Just subscribe and we’ll take care of the rest.

Still not clear? Just think of it as a magazine subscription but what you’ll be getting in the mail are super cool art supplies that you  can use! More questions are answered here.

If you subscribe today until the 25th of this month, then you’ll be getting our first ever JuiceBox on August already! It’s pretty cool because it’s also happens to be our Anniversary Month!

One Response to “JuiceBox is for you! Subscribe now!”
  1. regina matelli says:

    do you ship internationally?


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