FOUND: Tsutaya Bookstore in Tokyo!

If you’re new to Planet Slate, you need to know how much the Slate Team loves books: different kinds of books, (almost) all types of books! We love books so much, that when we came across Flavorwire’s list of The 2o Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World, we made it one of our missions to head out to the stores if we’re in the area/country. This is the second bookstore in the list that I found! Wuhoo! 2/20 = Progress! (Read about the first bookstore in the list that I found here.)

The hotel we stayed at was in South Shinjuku and so there was a bit of a commute before we got to Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikan-yama T-Site. The commute included getting lost so many times but no need to panic because the Japanese are the best and they will point walk you to the right direction even if it’s out of their way.

The commute: from Shinjuku Station, take the Yamanote line and get off at Shibuya Station. Transfer to Tokyu Toyoko line and get off at Daikan-yama Station. Walk out and walk towards a futuristic palm tree, go straight down the road until you see a store named Standard, turn right and walk some more until you reach the Daikan-yama T-Site Garden entrance. I’m telling you it’s all worth the walk!

DSC_8908 DSC_8909
The Tsutaya branch in Daikan-yama is divided into three (3) buildings: the first one houses all travel books and a Starbucks! The second building offers art, and design books among others on the first floor, and the second floor features their extensive collection of movies you can rent and or buy! The third building has children’s books (and other categories I forgot), and the second level houses a great variety of discographies of the whole music spectrum! I cannot even describe to you how massive this bookstore was and how vast their selection/collection of books/music/movies is! Before I spaz out, let me flooding this post with the photos I took:

DSC_8910 DSC_8914 DSC_8915 DSC_8912 DSC_8916 DSC_8913 DSC_8917 DSC_8919 DSC_8920 DSC_8921 DSC_8926 DSC_8928 DSC_8931 DSC_8930 DSC_8932 DSC_8941 DSC_8940 DSC_8942 DSC_8938 DSC_8939
So there! When in Shibuya, Tokyo, don’t miss Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikan-yama!

 Captain Slate

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