Book Making at 98B!

98B Invite

The Slate Team attended Mira Asriningtyas’ Independent  Book Making Workshop at 98B last June 9, 2013.

Mira Asriningtyas and her husband Dito Yuwono were in Manila for 98B’s Project and Research Residency. They run a little curiosity shop/ art space/ homemade restaurant called Lir in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

  The workshop started with an introduction to Lir: a quirky alternative art space where you can: buy handmade goodies from local crafters at their curiosity shop, share your ideas and join in conversations at workshops and art meets, listen to local music when they hold mini music festivals, enjoy a hearty meal or two at their Mooi resto, and soak in the art displayed in the space! Mira says Lir is one complete destination where fiction and reality mingles!
How wonderful! The Slate Team aims to someday open a space like that! Maybe in a few years, with a little bit of saving and planning, we could!

After the introduction, Mira, with Dito’s assistance, started teaching us various techniques on how to create different books! I think they taught us 3 (or more) ways to bind our books/zines. Check out the books I have made when I applied the techniques they taught us:

Book 1AThis is the first one. It’s basically 4 folds, and one cut. It’s best used for mini portfolios and mini zines.
Book 1BIt’s just like a mini booklet. I used previous artworks I’ve made with themes of things that don’t belong.
Book 1CHere’s how it looks like when you lay it flat. You can see the creases where it’s folded and the cut is made in the center.

09The second book is an accordion-type book.
10This is how it looks like when it’s spread open. I laid out  a set of 8 portraits of people I see in the office everyday!

05The third book that I made is a stitched book, finished with a garter strap wrap.
I used gray felt glued to kraft paper for the cover. This is my favorite book!
06The book is all about my hair! Hahaha. If you think you won’t be able to make a book about your hair, think twice!
07When you open a spread, you’ll see circles of details of the artwork and my handwritten notes about my hair.
08When you lift the flap of circles, it will reveal my full artwork!

So, there! These are my handmade books. I hope you learned a little about book making. You can absolutely email us if you have questions. Because of this workshop, we’re brewing something for Slate so watch this space!

Anyhoo, we left the workshop at 98B with much gusto and inspiration to create and be creative!
What an awesome afternoon. Hope to be back at 98B soon! I think I have found home! Haha. x

98BSundayEnding this post with photos of our Sunday with our new (photographed) friends, Ros Veluz, Gerome Soriano, and Andrea dela Cruz!

The Slate Team

2 Responses to “Book Making at 98B!”
  1. aphazia says:

    Lovely books! 🙂 Nice meeting you and Isabel, hope to see you around! 🙂


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