Design Challenge: MAD MONEY!


Deadline of Submission of Entries: JULY 5, 2013

1. Design the bill!
You can work on your design digitally or by hand! Choose to work on the spread found on the pages of your Slate 2013 Planner, print it out and render it by hand, or work directly on the digital file found in this album (right click and save the template)!

2. Submission
Please send a file smaller than 800 px in width. Also, please send your entries with the subject title MAD MONEY to with the following details:
+ Full name
+ Title of your entry
+ Medium used
+ Mobile #/ contact #
+ Portfolio site/blog URL
+ Answer: What would you buy with your money?

3. Choosing of Winner & Criteria
This contest is open for submissions until July 5, 2013. We shall post all entries as soon as we receive them. After July 5, 2013, the Slate Team will review the entries and will deliberate on winners through out the week. We’ll announce the results by July 15, 2013!
Criteria for Judging:
+ Creativity 25% Be inventive, innovative & ingenious!
+ Originality 25%
+ Aesthetics 25%
+ Quality of work 25% Rendered by hand or the computer, the quality of your work should be severely sharp!

4. Prizes
The FIRST PLACE winner will receive a beach-friendly beach blanket from LAGU, and a 2013 LiveCreatively shirt!

The SECOND PLACE winner will receive an item from Quirks Novelties & Curiosities, and a 2013 LiveCretively shirt!

For questions, just send them to
Best of luck to everyone 🙂

Captain Slate

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