Gamble Machine: No Risk, No Reward.

Slate was one of the biggest risks I took in my short life and up to now I am disbelief when I try to recall all the things my team and I have gone through. Since everything was a first time for us, we were cheated on, shoved down, and misjudged as foolish kids. We were stupid, a bit careless, but always passionate. But we never stopped. We loved Slate and everything it stood for and I think deep down in our stupidly passionate hearts, we knew that a love like that needed some bad-ass risk-taking. Risk-taking is easier said than carried out. It meant  risking money, time, brain cells, relationships, salaries, office bonding, leisure time, weekends, sleep time, friendships, privacy, and in some cases, even personal hygiene. We cared about all those things but I guess there came a point when our care for Slate took over all the other cares. It made us happy and we knew it would make us happy for a long time. I can only speak for myself, and I believe it still does. I’m glad I took that risk. I know it’s still not a multi-million peso generating risk, but it has made a dent in the world, and our tiny squeal of conviction was heard. That has ultimate potential, in my opinion.

Enough rambling. My point: Do as much as you can, as long as you can. Take that risk you’re already thinking about taking. It wouldn’t be a risk if you’re not at least thinking about it, weighing things out.

Another point: Maybe it’s not that even as great a risk as you set it up to be. Maybe it doesn’t mean risking it ALL. Maybe it’s simple and you’re over-thinking it. Don’t make it a monster even before you’ve had a chance to face it.

Three questions I ask myself when faced with potential leaps of doom:

1. Do I wake up in the morning excited to do it? Excited for what it could be? Does it make me giddy deep deep down?

2. Can I talk about it 24/7? Does it flow naturally from me without effort?

3. Will I do it even if I don’t get paid? But of course to get paid would be such a bonus!

But don’t get the foolish illusion that it’s easy; that once you risk it all, it’s going to be all balloons and cake and celebration. No, it’s going to be hell. For us, there were many many times when we wanted to throw it all away while ripping muscles hauling and delivering boxes while quality checking and wiping dirt while losing accounts while being broke while working until dawn while carrying boxes of planners under the scorching heat. But if you have that fire in your intestines, then in the end, it may be all worth it. Let’s see where this goes, I say.



It wasn’t all cakes and celebrations for Slate. There were horrid times as well, but the cake was worth it.


Captain Slate

2 Responses to “Gamble Machine: No Risk, No Reward.”
  1. Regina Matelli says:

    I am ultra proud of this feat you have embarked on – I would not have done it any differently!
    Forge on and always let the Spirit guide you!


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