Old’s Cool. Bring it Back!

Almost everyone, at some point, want to be reminded of the past. There is a common belief that those were the good ol’ days and we convince ourselves that the past was so much better than the present. But what is more commonly overlooked is the fact that everything in the past was a part of a present once (does this make sense?). Everything that is old was once brand new. So think about it, today will be part of the past. What you have now will be vintage. What you do now, you’ll look back to one day and say “those were the good ol’ days”. So take it easy, don’t stress too much. Make it count. Think of it as Every day is going to be a good ol’ day someday.

When I think about this month’s theme, wise words from a group of American rockers come to mind. Papa Roach said it well I think:

“And our scars remind us that the past is real”

Perhaps the rest of the lyrics to that song do not seem as wise and sentimental (or do they?) but this line is on point. Old is cool. It’s good to bring it back. It is good to remind ourselves of the past, not because it was better, but because it was what brought us here. It’s what we have been through, what we have survived. It’s good to look at our scars and remind ourselves that the past was real, we lived through that and survived it;  and today, this present, is a chance to make not only a better future, but also a better past.

Hope this all makes sense to you. If not, then maybe it just gave you a sudden urge to reminisce and watch the video to that Papa Roach song.  Well, you can do that here.


Captain Slate

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