Slate Design Hack: One Heart = Three Arts

You’d know by now that we’re not the best team to ask for romantic tips but we sure can give you a hell of an advice when it comes to art. Maybe. Since today is Valentine’s Day, let me be giving and share with you some digital love by literally giving you my heart (you’ll get what I mean in a bit) and hosting the very first Design Hack here in Planet Slate.

What is a Design Hack? The word hack in Design Hack means shortcut, or tip. It is basically like the Life Hacks in your Slate Planner only Design Hacks are all about..well, design and art. Let’s start:

Slate Design Hack #1:

Just like any makeover reality show would tell you, you should stock up on the basics. Treat this hack like a wardrobe situation. A decent human being should own a decent white polo, or a classy pair of dress shoes that he or she can use and pair with other items of clothing in many ways! So, in design, create your own basic vectors, icons, backgrounds, and drawings you can use over and over! As an example, I made a basic (but personalized) heart a few years ago and I have been using it in many other artworks since then (You can download this heart FOR FREE! If you use it, please send me a copy of your work so I can see!):

Basic Heart Artwork #3 Artwork #2 Artwork #1

So, there. See how many ways you can use and apply a basic drawing? 🙂
Check back next month (or week, or day) for another Slate Design Hack!

Captain Slate

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