Celebrate 2013! To seed is to believe.

So, it’s the second week of 2013 I think it’s pretty safe to say that the apocalypse isn’t happening soon. I gave it a bit of a margin for delay in case it hit the snooze button and ignored 12-21. In turn, that gave me and the team some time to rest our bones. Thank you, apocalypse. But now, we’re back all crazy and adventurous as if this was our first year of life.

The fact that we didn’t get nibbled on by zombies or had to fight off marauders is already a cause for celebration, and this year, we’re all about celebrating! First celebratory jig goes out to you for living through the previous year with us!  (Check out our simple love letter to you here.)  Next celebratory wiggle is for the year ahead. The team and I are totally thrilled to let you know that we have a lot of crazy creative ideas and products brewing in our headquarters. Rightfully so, the theme for January is TO SEED IS TO BELIEVE inspired by Bean Day (yes, there is such a thing as Bean Day on January 6). As corny as SEEDING IS BELIEVING sounds, we here hold it true. As a matter of fact, we’ve been doing a lot of seeding last year so that this year, we can watch those seeds grow. What we need to do now is to start cultivating those seeds in order to share the harvest with you. So watch out for our new creative products that complement your planner and squeeze out your creative juices. What we need from you is just a whole lot of believing, which I personally know you are ever so capable of. Thanks in advance!

Gardening Slate Team

Photo taken by: Captain Slate

To start off the year of celebrations, I invited my team to a little shindig on my lawn with books, cake, tea, spirits, fruits, and a good dose of sunshine. Since they were on my lawn already, I asked them to do a bit of gardening as well since my plants needed trimming and sprinkling.  Saved time and money 🙂

Do the wiggle!

Captain Slate

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