Design Challenge Winners!

Hello hello!

It seems that I have failed to upload the results. A teammate says, there is no surprise there. Haha. (That is honestly quite sad.) We’re all so busy at the Slate HQ preparing to launch awesome new products for all of you us! Wuhoo! Anyhoo, I’m going to stop myself there and start congratulating these talented folks who have been so wonderful to share their entries! 🙂 (Tip: Click on the photos to be redirected to the original entries posted on our Facebook page!) 

School’s Back Bag Design Challenge Winner:
Congratulations, Irina Marie B. Balagtas!

Build Your Own Trophy Design Challenge Winner:
Congratulations, Mabby Trivino!

Hello Irina and Mabby! Please wait for an email to let you know how to claim your SLOOTS! 🙂
Congratulations again! To all those who joined the previous design challenges, thank you so much.

Captain Slate

One Response to “Design Challenge Winners!”
  1. Regina Matelli says:

    ang gagaling naman! pag tanda ko, gusto kong maging katulad nila!


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