July: Move Out of Mediocrity

Planeteers, the first half of the year is done! Can you believe it?

Now then is the best time as any to make this month’s theme a reality – to move out of mediocrity, because life is definitely sweeter at the summit!

For whatever it’s worth, it doesn’t really matter that it’s already July, or that this marks the middle of the year, or that it is a new month. Remember that any day is as good as any other milestone, to get up and go for whatever it is that strikes your fancy, makes your heart soar, and all your insides tingle. Whether it is a person, an ambition, or anything that cannot be boxed into a simple word or definition, go ahead and GO FOR IT! There is nothing worse than staying put and settling with something you should have gotten out of a long time ago; and nothing better than setting your heart out to get what you want and actually achieving it. And even if you don’t get exactly what you wanted or ran after, applaud yourself if you’re still smiling by the end of that road – it just means you’re all the better for seeing greatness in the journey, the beauty in every step that you took towards it, and transcending whatever benefits should have been gained with that destination – because the journey is, and always will be, the destination.

So make today great, make every single day of the rest of the year spent in things that you will not regret. The summit is in every waking second – you will just KNOW this to be true within yourself when you’ve actually done it, when you’ve given greatness a chance. Good luck guys, be sweet, and “whatever you are, be a good one” [Abraham Lincoln].

The Slate Team

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