May: The Anti-Apathy Assignment

Stop. Unhand that computer mouse, that tablet, that phone, or that pack of large potato chips. After you read this paragraph, look up from the screen and look around you. Take it in, whatever you see happening around you. Acknowledge it, understand it, and come up with an idea from it. Doesn’t matter if it’s absurd or trivial, just take notice and be aware even for a minute.

Now, wasn’t that refreshing? Funny maybe or irrelevant, but refreshing.

We go through the motions of everyday so regularly and so routinely that we become used to what we almost expect we are going to experience. We almost memorize the big steps we need to accomplish – wake up, bathe, dress up, eat, commute, work, study, eat, go home, sleep – that we tend to ignore what we’re stepping on sometimes. Our important tasks are always calling to us that we do not have time to recognize other inherently important things.

We, here at Planet Slate, admit that we get so busy sometimes that we are guilty of these crimes of indifference. So, we’ve given ourselves a list of simple tasks for this month that hopefully, we can turn into positive habits. Perhaps you would like to join in the fun and accomplish this list as well (even before we do!).

We call this the Anti-Apathy Assignment:

1.  Say hello to an office mate or classmate that you have never spoken to before, and give her/him a compliment.
2. Smile and say thank you to at least one person everyday. He/she should be one of those vital people who we always pass by but never talk to – security guards, receptionist, janitor, driver, parking attendant, etc.
3. Take part in at least 1 event for a good cause. It can be a run for the environment, or an exhibit for indigenous people, or a simple bake sale for children with cancer.
4. Donate to one cause you really think should be donated to. It doesn’t have to be monetary, but it should come from a sincere place.

To make sure we accomplish the task and practice what we preach, we shall post updates of our accomplished tasks on our Facebook Page. So don’t be surprised if you see our status saying “I had a lovely chat with the security guard and I gave him a cookie”. We encourage you to do the same and share with us your mini-success stories! Reply here or post on our Facebook page!

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