2012 First Quarter Design Challenge Winners!

Hello hello,

Apologies for the delay!
It’s Friday and we’re keen on getting the news out!
Here are the winners and prizes of the First Quarter Design Challenge!

Three Random Single Items Winners!
“The rabbit is inspired by the rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland, I just added a diabolical aura in it through its dull black eyes.”

Did you say a mechanical rabbit that is inspired by a dark Alice in Wonderland? We dig that! Congratulations, Janelle Macasieb! You get a carrot ballpen and a rabbit eco bag! Let’s use less plastic bags shall we?

Here at the Planet Slate HQ, anything that cheers us up deserves a high five! In this case, this quirky and funny potato cracked us up so we’re awarding it a Sloot! Are we too old to get what the connection between a potato and a straight bang hair cut is? Congratulations, Deirdre Benzon Suva! You get this chic ceramic tumbler you can reuse! No more paper cups and plastic bottles, yes?

Each of us owns a mug here at Planet Slate HQ so it’s only natural to pick the mug as one of the three random items! A bright cyan colored mug with a radical print like that plus the word create deserves to win a Punk Primate Munky Mug from our friends from Munky Bizniz! Congratulations Mariane Go! We also would like to acknowledge your wonderful spread! Good job!

For the Overall Winner
We chose this spread because of the many spins on the items! For example: turning the potato into a fries box, and a spacey watch that says GO every time you look at it. It might not be the favorite on the album but we absolutely recognize the thought that went in every item in the spread! Congratulations, Mina Cruzada! Well deserved! We totally agree that 2012 is all about seeing things differently! For that, let us reward you (aside from the certificate, shirt, and feature) with a Compact Mini Sketch Set and a set of Mini Watercolor Pencils from Royal Langnickel! I wanted these for myself when I saw them! Hahaha. Congratulations!

So there you have it! Congratulations, everyone!
We are so thankful for all the entries and we hope you join the deisgn challenges and keep on submitting those wonderful works!

See all the submissions here.


Captain Slate

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