Found: VVG Table in Taipei

It is no secret that the number one thing on my hit list of places to visit is VVG Something. It is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world and finding it was absolutely the icing on the cake. VVG Table, however, was the cherry!

I dragged my friends to look for VVG Something one rainy afternoon and thankfully they humored me with kindness and understanding. Hahaha. I couldn’t have stressed how important it is for me to be able to visit that treasure of a place. After a series of camera clicks here and there and saying good bye to (really) the most beautiful bookstore I have been to, we came across VVG Table.

Chancing upon it was just perfect timing! The rain was starting to pour again and our feet were tired. The homey, warm, and inviting mood just pulled us in. We had mugs bowls of coffee and shared a warm and sweet plate of sticky date pudding! Look at the photos I took!

If ever you’re in Taipei, please get lost in Zhongxiao Dunhua area! The place is filled with boutiques, stores, food stalls and restaurants to discover!

Address: No. 14, Alley 40, Lane 181, Section 4, Zhōngxiào East Road , Taipei
地址: 台北市忠孝東路四段181巷40弄14號
Phone: (02) 2773-5120
Nearest MRT: Zhōngxiào Dūnhuà Station 忠孝敦化站

 Captain Slate
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