April: Build on your Brilliance

Fourth month of the year – the excitement of a new year has died down, things have settled, and for some, another school year has just ended. We are at the brink of a new quarter (90 days of 2012 have passed can you believe that?), and most of us are starting to question what we are to do for the rest of the year or even for the rest of our lives. Around this time of the year, most of us just have more idle time in our hands; and idle time brings out the shadows, the doubts, and the insecurities. We have more lull moments to start to question ourselves, our capabilities, and even our bodies (especially now that it’s beach season!) without the frenzy to distract us. We also start to get pressured by the whizzing of time before us.

Do not worry.

Simmer in the idle time. Here in Planet Slate, we say this idle time is a challenge. Being young gives us this fantastic opportunity to find ourselves, and it’s up to us what we choose to ignore and welcome. We say tap both the light and the dark. Let the questions come so we can counter them. Let the doubts come so we can refute them. Let the shadows come so we can embrace them and transform them to light that will build our brilliance. A wise man once said, Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd. So find that chaos, embrace it, and begin something great. Look and act foolish, but know that we have a purpose.

Let our humanity out, because we think that this in itself is brilliant as it is.


 Captain Slate

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