2012 First Quarter Design Challenge

The first quarter of 2012 is about to end and we’re closing it with the biggest design challenge yet!
Prizes for this Sloot giveaway will be bigger and we’re awarding more than one winner! Yeah!

We’ll let you know more about the awesome prizes in the following weeks. For now, kindly read the mechanics:

1.    Decide on a theme or go random!
Take time to think about your design or concept. You will have to design everything on the spread. We are awarding one major prize to a full spread artwork and 3 mini prizes to outstanding individual items on the spread. We are not gonna reveal what those items are yet so do your best and create an absolutely sick spread!

2.    Submit your entry
Choose to use the template above (just right click and save as image) or choose to work on your Slate Planner! The spread is located after the month of March. Please send a file smaller than 1200 px in width. Also, please send your entries to livecreatively@slateplanner.com with the following:
1. Full name
2. Medium used
3. Brief description of your entry
4. Mobile #/ contact #

3.    Choosing of Winners & Criteria
This contest is open for submission until April 4, 2012. We shall post all entries as soon as we receive them. After April 4, 2012, the Slate Team will review the entries and will deliberate on winners through out the week. We shall post the winners on April 13, 2012.

Criteria for Judging:
+ Creativity 25%
Be inventive, innovative & ingenious!
+ Originality 25%
The more unique the shoe, the better!
+ Aesthetics 25%
Must catch our (anyone’s) attention real quick!
+ Quality of work 25%
Rendered by hand or the computer, the quality of your work should be severely sharp!

4.    Prizes
The full spread winner will receive:

+    Slate Design Challenge Certificate
+    AWESOOOOME SLOOT (prizes inside to be revealed in the following weeks)!
+    A LiveCreatively shirt in Black or White
+    An artist feature on Planet Slate’s SPACE Gallery

Three single items winners will receive:
+    Slate Design Challenge Certificate
+    A mini Sloot (prizes to be revealed in the following weeks)

We can’t wait for your design spreads! Best of luck to all!
For any questions, just reply to this post or send your questions to livecreatively@slateplanner.com

 Captain Slate

P.S. If you have yet to own a copy of the Slate 2012 Planner, you can still get one [or four] by ordering online, meeting up with the Slate Team or get it at BratpackVerse & CrewFully Booked, Bibliarch and Sketchbook stores nationwide. Do remember that you get the Slate 2012 Planner P50 off when you order it online!




Slate + Loot = SLOOT! 

  1. A Planet Slate loot bag/ goody bag of random objects to be given away to a planeteer
  2. Only one sloot per month up for grabs!
  3. The mechanics to get the chance to win the sloot will vary every month
    When used in a sentence: I submitted an artwork to Planet Slate and won this month’s sloot!
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