FOUND: VVG Something in Taipei

Even if there’s very little time left from the set itinerary for my trips, I always make sure that I visit a local bookstore and get myself a copy of a wonderful children’s book/art book to add to my collection.

Just a few days ago, a trip to Taipei brought me to one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world and so naturally, the book that I got myself probably is one of the most beautiful additions to my stash.

In this post, I hope to have been able to capture the most beauty I can with my camera.
Say hello to VVG Something:

A spot for potting flowers & plants, a shiny red bike, wooden steps and red sliding doors greet visitors from all over the world. It was raining that day and even if the skies were painted grey, VVG Something was beaming with warmth. You cannot resist the invitation to come in.

When I saw the sign, I knew it was love at first sight.

Inside: a long wooden table lay in the middle as piles of books, vintage tin toys, seeds, and random nothings cover every inch of the weathered surface. Stacks of recipe, children’s, and art & design books both local and foreign are stacked on top of each other.

Every time you lift a book and see what’s under: magic! The book selection is unique and quirky and just plain wonderful. I could have bought it all if only I could understand the writings (and afford it).

Not just books but postcards, wooden rulers and pens, sharpeners and everything else!

A collection of tin toys in different colors and smiles! Can you spy with your eye a wind up bunny?
These toys remind of the movie Hugo.

 Pottery, tea pots, and ceramics!

Cooking and baking stuff!

At the other side of the room, you can order a cup (a bowl really) of coffee or hot chocolate, read a book, discuss a story and converse with friends.

 This ceramic guy is watching over the fantastic collection of pop-up books!

Look! I bought this fantastic pop-up book by David Carter! May be I’ll tell you about it later.

And as my friends and I leave the store, a pink van said goodbye.

VVG Something was definitely something! (Haha. Pun-y?) So if ever you’re in Taipei, drop by and say hi and yeah, may be take home a book or three. Places like VVG Something is such an inspiration to live creatively.

Address: No. 13, Alley 40, Lane 181, Section 4, Zhōngxiào East Road , Taipei
地址: 台北市忠孝東路四段181巷40弄13號
Phone: (02) 2773-1358
Nearest MRT: Zhōngxiào Dūnhuà Station 忠孝敦化站

 Captain Slate
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4 Responses to “FOUND: VVG Something in Taipei”
  1. danielleden says:

    how i wish taipei is just one ride away!


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