Found: Munky Bizniz Mugs!

Hello hello!
I believe we have found the perfect match to your caffeine addiction!
Check out these quirky designer mugs from Munky Bizniz:

Each lead-free, microweavable, dishwasher-safe, proudly-Philippine made artisan mug was handmade and handpainted. No two cups are alike. The variations in color and shape makes each a unique work of art that will add a dose of craziness to any board meeting, presentation or office pantry coffee break!

The mugs come in 2 styles: Professor Primate and Punk Primate!
Which of the two fit your personality the best? I personally think I am more of Punk Primate but I definitely have a Professor Primate in me. Haha.

Anyhoo, each mug is priced at PhP 399 (USD 10). To order, e-mail
Check out more photos of these bizniz-worthy office booty gone bananas on their Facebook Page ★

Send us photos when you get one (or two)!

 Captain Slate
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