January Design Challenge Winner!

Hello everyone!
This is long overdue so let me get to announcing the placers and the very first Sloot winner for 2012! Huzzah!

                                                                                        3rd Place | Justine Punzalan
  Three comets were discovered by Astrologists to hit the earth. These comets would bring an end to the existence of our planet. Yet unlike what we see in movies, it is bound to bring us a HAPPY ending.
  These comets are the Comet of Love, Comet of Joy and Comet of Peace. The comets would hit the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, causing a massive tidal wave all over the world. The tidal wave will submerge all lands in water and will drown everyone in so much love, joy and happiness.

                                                                            2nd Place | Paolo Gangoso‘s “Tuhog”

                                                                    1st Place | Brian Villavicencio‘s “Rabbit Invaders”
Yes, there ARE rabbits in Uranus. And they’re watching us; plotting their evil schemes behind their carrot telescopes. They observing us. Waiting for the perfect time to strike. They’re probably aware of this doodle, too, by now. I hope I win a Sloot before they abduct me for exposing this!

Congratulations, Brian! Your humorous but thoughtful End of the World version is awesomely creative! And for that, you get to take home the very first Sloot! Here’s what you’re getting:
1 – A happy pink elephant bag tag for your travels!
2 – I scream for ice cream pen to write on your Slate planner.
3 – Random embossing tool for when you feel like flat just won’t do
4 – Brand spanking new set of poster paint and
5 – A Live Creatively shirt in Black or White!

Congratulations to everyone and a space-length of gratuitous cyber hugs for all those who submitted! Here’s hoping you are all set for the next Design Challenge and won’t get tired of making all those entries! 🙂


Captain Slate

P.S. If you have yet to own a copy of the Slate 2012 Planner, you can still get one [or four] by ordering online, meeting up with the Slate Team or get it at BratpackVerse & CrewFully Booked, Bibliarch and Sketchbook stores nationwide. Do remember that you get the Slate 2012 Planner P50 off when you order it online!

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