Slate Reel: Restless

Restless (2011) is lovely to watch on a weekend or a weeknight after a stressful day, as it serves as an attractive alternative to your usual rom-coms. It’s surprisingly light and has that good-natured vibe that bewilderingly straddles reality and dream state that are inherent of several Van Sant films. Although not one of his best (check out Elephant and Paranoid Park), Restless is more precious than profound, and will suffice to give you your regular dose of oddity.

 Although plot and dialogue may seem familiar to heroine-dying love stories (think A Walk to Remember and Sweet November), the brilliant cast adds shine to an unpolished gem. Mia W. is unconventional and fills the screen with charming quirkiness. Henry H. (son of Dennis H.) makes for an effective soundboard and accomplice to his ladylove’s penultimate misadventures.

This film is here in January and rightly so, because it paints a delicate but charming picture of how the youth handles loss, fear, and the inevitable death. Annabel (Mia W.) was ready to face her expiry date and nonchalantly talks about it with family and friends both in literal dialogue and random ornithology metaphors. Enoch (Henry H.), who suspiciously talks to a ghost of a Japanese soldier, accepts the circumstances and tries to appear in front of his lady as if he has no problem with all of it as well. Annabel exemplifies Slate’s January as she scraps it, opens herself up, and brings in greatness, love, and friendship. She rubs this special kind of fire on Enoch and both of them waste time just living – the best way to use time!

 It just reminds us that it doesn’t matter if we have 3 months, 11 months, or 10 years before everything crumbles, what matters is what happens before the crumbling. As a wise man once said “Do not fear death so much but rather the inadequate life.” So start the year with a yearning to make every bit of 2012 count. Waste time just living (really living), grab someone along for the ride, and make this year one hell of an adventure.

Captain Slate

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