Start the Year : Fight the Fear!

Twenty Twelve! Here it is, the year glamorized with thought of apocalyptic phenomena and end as we know it. Question is, do we really believe that we’ll all be eaten by zombies or collide with intergalactic planetary matter and consequently meet our unified demise, or do we go on with our lives?

We like to believe we’ll do both.

Zombie or not, we’ll fight our own inner zombies, and from now on, live with a special kind of fire – not anymore dragging our feet. We scrap our fallacious immortality and our usual uninterested selves, and instead, we begin to try new things and do what we have always wanted, fueled on the urgency of the brief amount of time left. We live meaningfully and waste no more time, doing what makes us happy and best fulfilled, simply because nothing else ever made sense. In making death real to the core of our bones, we see a life we’ve never known before.

The write up above can be found in one of the first few pages of the Slate 2012 Planner. It definitely sets the tone for 2012 and January’s Fight the Fear theme opens this year perfectly. January is aptly painted Fight the Fear month asking you to scrap it, open yourself up and bring on the greatness! It’s a very positive and headstrong statement and we think it’d be best (for all of us) to start off the year with a winning demeanor. Don’t you agree? Y/N? So, if you’re looking for a sign to try that thing you’ve been wanting to try last year but too afraid to do so, consider this blog post the sign. This is it, whatever it is, just do it!

In this month’s dashboard, we’ve written about a few things you should try (or include in your bucket list). They’re not that daunting but they’re definitely a challenge. Included in the dashboard list is GMax Giant Swing. If you happen to be in Singapore, don’t miss out on an adrenaline rush this ride can bring! Yeah yeah yeah we’ve heard about the Reverse Bungy. I don’t know why it is so much more advertised than the Giant Swing because it is nothing compared to the Giant Swing (if you’re talking about feeling like it’s your last look at the city hahaha). Half of the team tried the Giant Swing one summer night when we were in Singapore. It’s a different kind of rush, I tell ya. And you know those “I survived” shirts? It will really mean something this time.

So anyhoo, we wish that we all kick off the year fearless and with courage! Mark Twain did say, “Do that thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.
Pretty profound if you ask me and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Check back because we’ll be posting about the ways on how you can win this month’s SLOOT*! ★

 Captain Slate

P.S. If you have yet to own a copy of the Slate 2012 Planner, you can still get one [or four] by ordering online, meeting up with the Slate Team or get it at Verse & CrewFully Booked, Bibliarch and Sketchbook stores nationwide. Do remember that you get the Slate 2012 Planner P50 off when you order it online!



Slate + Loot = SLOOT! 

  1. A Planet Slate loot bag/ goody bag of random objects to be given away to a planeteer
  2. Only one sloot per month up for grabs!
  3. The mechanics to get the chance to win the sloot will vary every month
    When used in a sentence: I submitted an artwork to Planet Slate and won this month’s sloot!
One Response to “Start the Year : Fight the Fear!”
  1. Regina Matelli says:

    i agree 100% with the january mantra! we’re moving our whole family to tasmania from wisconsin this year and we are taking nothing but the clothes off our back and then some. it’s all very exciting and we are just giddy thinking about it! it’s awesome to be able to start off on a clean Slate – which reminds me, shout-out to aliah, i need my new Slate pleeassssse… forge on, creative Slate crew! remarkable job!


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