November is a Runner!

Running. When the team decided on themes for each month last year, we didn’t mean for the word run to just be taken literally.

As I see it, life is basically like running. Face life as if you are a runner and all will be okay. If all these sound foreign to you, just look at the 3 traits of a good runner I picked below and hopefully you’ll see that life is really like a marathon (or a jog around the park).

FOCUS – The ability to focus in the face of distractions or unexpected circumstances. The mentally tough runner doesn’t avoid situations but addresses them right away.  For instance, when you’re in the last miles of the marathon, you feel dead tired, you’re hurting, and you want to quit. That is the time to focus. You say, “I must keep moving forward, just this step, one more step.” And you’ll likely get to the finish line when you are mentally tough.

OPENNESS – The ability to learn and be open to all possibilities. The mentally tough runner is willing to listen and take feedback, knowing that’s where real changes take place. You listen to that inner voice that says, “I can do this. I have all the tools and resources inside to create my own success.”

PREPARATION – The ability to anticipate situations ahead of time and feel prepared so there is a plan of action for anything that might happen. The mentally tough runner doesn’t panic in a crisis (e.g. falling back in a race or a workout). For instance, you may be in a race, and your competitor moves in front of you. You have a method to stay mentally calm, adjust your pace, and follow through with your plan. Plan, push, play!

So, what do you think? Did I prove my point? Har har. If not, I should probably make a better metaphor next time.

Anyhoo back here at the Slate HQ, we are definitely running: running from the past (aka old graphics)! There will be changes here at Planet Slate. The team is preparing to launch Slate 2012 and we thought that Planet Slate should be dressed better for the welcome! If you haven’t already noticed, we are shedding off our old website skin and growing a new one. Visitors of Planet Slate will soon be able to navigate through the site better and we’ll absolutely fix the tabs and menus! Plus, you can contact us faster! (Click here and drop us a line real quick! We’ll say hi back!) We are excited for these changes and we hope you are too!

So there, looks like November is welcomed well! Come back and see the changes we’ve made to serve creative creatures like you better! Also, don’t miss the SLOOT Contest announcement for this month and the pages of the Slate 2012 planner we’ll be sharing!

Captain Slate

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