Slatest Sloot Sensation!

I know, I know! Sensation? I wanted to find an S word to replace winner. It’s the best I can think of. Ha ha.

Hello Planeteers!

Here at the Planet Slate HQ, the whole team is busy running about (like headless chickens) preparing for next year! We are stoked to announce (if we haven’t already) that we are coming out with a Slate 2012 planner (please watch out for the pre-sale and sign up for updates here)!

This running about is the reason why we haven’t been able to post entries here (but you can always get creative inspiration and other interesting stuff at our Facebook page daily)! Yeah, I know, I know, it’s already October and we have yet to announce who won the August SLOOT! Ha ha oops!

Anyhoo, since no one submitted funny photos with the Super Sleuth maker, we are giving away only 1 Sloot for August to a Slate 2012 updates subscriber! I was really looking forward to those subs but the Slate Team figured that the lack of subs were probably because no one wanted to cut into their planners. Lesson learned.

Here’s what’s inside the August kiddie Sloot:

1 Notes in Technicolor | Scribble the boring day away on this snazzy notebook with a whole lot of smarty-pants attitude!
2 Build Me Up, Buttercup | Here’s a bright butter yellow USB port in the shape of a Lego block to accommodate all your flash disks!
3 Harry Potter Has Nothing On You | Let’s see Harry use that wand of his to write nothing and flash a light on it and read something! Oh the secrets you can(‘t) keep with this magic pen!
4 Bend it Like Beckham (If Beckham knows Origami) | Here’s a pack of Origami paper to fold, crease, tuck and bend into awesome shapes! Why don’t you transform those sheets into a T-rex, rocket ship and or car?
5 In the Company of Cats | Show up with this stack of Hello Kitty UNO cards and play your way to showing them who’s boss.

Congratulations, Acy! Thank you so much for signing up for Slate 2012 updates! We hope you love the kiddie Sloot! 🙂


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Captain Slate

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