Something Happened on the Way to the Meeting~

Let’s just say that the first time I drove my car alone (to a Slate meeting!) was definitely a tired and tested moment.
Being the noob driver that I was, I was ecstatic to drive the car, so I drove fast and I felt like I was driving a Mach5 ala Speed Racer! Little did I know, I was already running flat.

While I was on the road, other drivers were honking at me and were throwing weird faces at me. I just ignored them, thinking that it was normal for other drivers to scowl and or frown on such a good looking driver like me! Hahaha. That or they are high on road rage!

Anyhoo, when I realized it wasn’t any of those two, I pulled the car aside and saw that I really did have a freaking flat tire! Thankfully I was already in a private subdivision and the moment I served to the side, two manongs rushed over to help me out. I called the Slate Team for back up and when they arrived we all knew how to change the tire as we referred to our planner’s How to Change a Flat Tire (check out your September fillers!) but didn’t have the muscle to do it! Hahaha. It’s so embarrassing! Thank the heavens for these two manongs that helped us! They took out my jack, tool box, etc.  and attempted to do the usual drill.

They would have been finished in a second if MY SPARE TIRE WASN’T ALSO FLAT.

 It’s a good thing a member of the Slate team has the same vehicle as mine and the spare tire is good! The manongs finished changing the tire for me and asked for nothing in return! I’m so thankful for these modern day good samaritans! God, I almost died of a panic attack! Or more truthfully I would have died carrying the tire and setting up the jack with my frail arms!

I would like to give a thank you shout out to:
1. The manongs who helped and
2. The Slate Team who came to the rescue!

So I thought; what if I had a flat tire in an isolated, creepy road? What if  instead of men trying to help, there’d be men trying to steal from me? What if I got into an accident? What if there was no one to help me?!

I was lucky. I bet there’s a horseshoe lying around somewhere in my car.

This tragic event would’ve been avoided if:

  1. I checked my tires before I left the house
  3. I knew where the nearest vulcanizing shop is
  4. I checked my brakes, oil, gas (other vital car things) before leaving the house
  5. I knew MMDA’s hotline number
  6. More things but I just forgot to list down here ~

One has to be ready for anything. Not just for situations like this but in life in general.

We should not always rely on luck to save us. At the end of the day, if something bad happens, we don’t have anyone else to blame except ourselves, because at one point or another, we let it happen.

So pack up your emergency kit, drink your vitamins, put on that sunscreen, study for that exam, save up for Christmas, kiss your parents, study martial arts, learn to cook, (wear a condom), keep some over-the-counter medicines in your house, date the girl of your dreams, learn to survive in a forest… blah blah blah. Whatever it is, always be ready! You’ll get the merits of it as life comes your way.

Ending this catastrophic story with this:
MURPHY’S LAW: “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

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LIVE CREATIVELY | Plan, push, play!
Captain Slate

P.S. If you have some “Be ready” experiences to share with us, email us your story at!

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