Hey Planeteers, can you freakin’ believe that it’s already the first of the Ber months? I can’t!

Time zooms by so fast (specially when you’re having a blast and I hope all of you are!) that’s why I think September’s premise totally suits this time of the year. It’s the time when you realize more than half of the year has gone by if you even have a second to stop and think about that. It’s already the halfway through the third quarter and this is when things begin to shake up, shape up, and whiz by! Don’t you just feel like saying “What the heck, it’s Christmas?” Next thing you know, IT IS CHRISTMAS. So I guess it is just sufficient to say that we better BER READY FOR ANYTHING.

Despite this, I know we can’t always be ready for everything, so we here in Planet Slate believe that being ready is not enough. We feel BEING READY should always come hand in hand with BEING OPEN. A bit of surprise here and a dash of unexpected there give us a zest for life and an appetite for adventure and who wouldn’t want to spice things up? Be prepared when it comes to things that matter such as personal safety, tests and exams, job and financial opportunities, family celebrations, those kinds of stuff. But remember, you can prepare to the highest of highest levels and still be faced with the unforeseen. So embrace it, improvise, and get creative. Those moments are what you will remember in the future.

As the busiest part of the year for most looms close, we here in Planet Slate wish you Planeteers fun-filled chaos with punches of welcome surprises!
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LIVE CREATIVELY | Plan, push, play!
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