Feliz Cumpleaños, Slate! ☺

First of all, what we got ourselves (Slate Team) for our “birthday” this year is a Domain Name! As some of you may have noticed (or not) Planet Slate is now on SLATEPLANNER.COM! We kinda thought it’d be easier to remember that URL 🙂 

So yeahhh.

This same day last year marks the very first meeting for what was yet a nameless project!

We seriously wanted to produce something that will spark creativity among young guns. (Yes to cheese but no jokes here!) The 4 of us needed an avenue where we can drive our creative appetite to, build something remarkable and share it!

And so, this same day last year, we had our very first meeting and it started all of this. I still remember it was after office hours and boy oh boy, we were all late! Hahaha. And you know the last thing we thought of? The planner’s name! It was the last thing we decided on because the names that came up were rubbish! Look:

1.    If You Wanna Be My Planner… Zig-a-zig-ahhh 2011 Planner
2.    Blahnner (Blah + Planner)
3.    OrgaNICEr
4.    Huespark
5.    Werkspays

Oh yeah those were our Top5! It wasn’t until the last few days before actual production that we chose to name it Slate. Looking back, I kinda feel that we definitely should not have pushed through with the production of the planners if we picked any of those names above. Werkspays, whuuut? Imagine, this page could have been called Blahnner Planet. Although Blahnner does have a nice ring to it, it has such a -how do I say this- blah sound to it? Har har. And obviously, someone was a fan of the Spice Girls! Hahaha.

Anyhoo, you can read all about how we started here.
It is kinda lengthy. I wanted to turn it into a comics illustration but I have to find time for it.

And since we are celebrating our awesome sauce of a first year, WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY 2 SLOOTS THIS MONTH!
One Sloot goes to the Super Sleuth contest winner and another contestant wins a Sloot via raffle! Huzzah!
So please join our Sloot contest for August and get a chance to win free awesome stuff from Slate!

Oh and the most important thing: the whole Slate Team would like to thank all you wonderful people who supported us, who bought the 2011 planners, all who joined the previous Sloot Contests, who liked our Facebook Page and all of you who signed up for the 2012 planner updates! MARAMING SALAMAT! Ready or not, here’s a tight space hug coming towards you from all of us here!

Thank you for such an awesome roller coaster year!
Happy birthday to us! Wuhoo!

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

LIVE CREATIVELY | Plan, push, play~
Captain Slate & The Slate Team

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