Here’s Looking at You, Kid~


(Well, thank the heavens for that! It is kinda comforting to hear…not that I’m old or something. Ehem. Haha!) 

This rainy month of August is all about rediscovering the joys of being a kid!
So to start off, what does being a kid mean to you?

Personally, I think being a kid is looking at the world as if it was an endless playground.

I’d find my sandbox anywhere I choose, hang out like there’s no tomorrow, lay out all my toys and play without a care in the world (maybe share a Lego or four if you’re cute). I’d devour what I want, watch all the cartoons in the world and do the thing that I love most: -put my imagination in writing- DRAW! So, yeah, my definition of being a kid is having no inhibitions whatsoever. It’s like having a free VIP pass to the world that has now become a spectacular theme park of all the things I hold close to my 6 year old heart.

How about you?

Do you have a memory that you always go back to of when you were young/er?
What were you like when you were 7?
Did you fancy unicorns, sock monkeys, and or ponies?
What books did you read? What toys did you play with?
Were you already alive when the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls started spewing out chart-topping hits?
Did you own those fancy lunch boxes that turned into a different color when you put it out in the sun?
How about those pencil cases that had many buttons?

No matter how few or plenty the things mentioned above you ticked off, I’m sure most if not all of us had a grand time before school, work and life got in the way!

Don’t ever forget that kid in you. Take time to revisit your old favorites! Grab an ice cream cone when you can. Play hooky for a day. Don’t be ashamed that you still enjoy watching cartoons! Ben10, Chowder and FlapJack never hurt anyone! *guilty* Basta, don’t take life too seriously. You don’t want any visits from the Joker!

Scary clowns who hid under the bed/ inside the closet aside, let’s hear it for that happy (chubby?) kid inside all of us, CHEERS!

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