Look at what’s inside the Sloot for June!
1 – A safety case for your camera, hard drive or a comforter for your hamster!
2 – A ceramic tumbler for coffee, tea or maybe ice cream!
3 – Something we picked up from Hong Kong! A deck of cards glasses! Har har~
4 – My First Crayons and Large School Crayons from Crayola! Use them or smell them!
5 – Somewhat heavy digest (not really) movies to watch on the weekends!
6 – I guess we can’t really giveaway a sloot without colored pens, so here you go!

And the winner is:

Congratulations, Andrea Simon!
You won by a point! (That’s how undecided we were with all the entries! Congratulations!) We appreciate the simplicity of your submission and we hope that the many colors you used to fill in the buildings really was therapeutic and helpful in relieving stress! We love the quote you have written on top as well! Enjoy the Sloot! Huzzah!

First Runner Up goes to Lia Gangoso!
The Team is amazed at how you came up with a conceptual submission of a Look & Find spread! Your entry was just behind a point! We hope to see more of your work in the next Sloot giveaway!

Second Runner Up goes to Frances Flores!
We love the spacey feel of this sub! Wouldn’t it be nice if the sky really looked like that at night?

Thank you for all the participants! We appreciate all the submissions and so we are looking into giving away more Sloots per month!
‘Til the next Sloot Giveaway!

LIVE CREATIVELY | Plan, push, play!
Captain Sloot & The Slate Team

One Response to “Congratulations!”
  1. Chevy says:

    My baby is just a point away from winning … but proud mama pa rin ako (sniff sniff)! I will get her more coloring materials …. salamat for the opportunity for her to show off her artistic side.


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