Creative Inspiration from Jan von Holleben

I stumbled upon Jan von Holleben‘s works while looking for inspiration for a new illustration I have in my head. I was looking for a silhouette of a kid jumping that I can copy from. I couldn’t really find any good ones so I decided to just draw it organically myself but then just as I was about to, I found Holleben’s works:

Aren’t they wonderful? What a fantastical way to start a Tuesday morning!

Jan von Holleben’s work has been exhibited internationally and published widely throughout the world.

His favourite collaborators are: his friends and any pirates, fairies, dragons, monsters and punks that are about. Also the sun behind some tiny clouds, Zeit Magazin, Neon Magazine Dazed&Confused, Geo and Steidl Publishers.

Otherwise he greatly fancies loads of cups of green tea, Bircher Müsli, colourful socks & sneakers, his bike and walking in the mountains, Yo yo yo!

I hope this gives you a jolt of creative inspiration while I revisit my drawing board. Har har!
For more of his dreamy works, click here!

LIVE CREATIVELY with limitless imagination!
Captain Slate

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