Fête de la Musique 2011 Livré!

Thankful that Falcon finally left the city dry, the Slate Team arrived at this year’s Fete De La Musique at half past 9.
The streets of BGC were golden and dusted heavily with people of different silhouettes who came from all parts of the metro to check out the music scene.

Always curious with what the Hip Hop genre has to offer, we headed to Amber for our first stop! Lo and behold, the performances were amazing! The beat boxing, mad raps and the choruses kept the energy of the room ace!

Click on the photo to watch the video ★

Click on the photo to watch the video ★

Next stop, Katsu! It was packed! The crowd was so thick when we arrived, I couldn’t see who was playing. So, I try to swim through the crowd and at best found myself near the front but with a really tall dude in front of me. Har har! Anyhoo, I lift my arm holding the flip cam and record. I still couldn’t see clearly who was producing the awesome beats! What a lovely surprise when I finally found little space and saw for my own eyes that the superb dubstep beats came from a beautiful lady who btw, killed it! Say hello to  Soulflower:

Click photo to watch the video ★

We got to the Blues stage pretty late and Kat Agarrado was just about to finish her set. The crowd here was more relaxed, there was actually breathing space and the stage was a bit elevated so you could see the performers from a distance (unless of course, a really tall Aussie just happens to stand in front of you, then you’ve no luck). Wish we could have seen more performances from this stage but we were getting tired already.

We didn’t get to visit to all the stages and yet the ones we got to visit was enough for an awesome night!

On our way back to the car, we heard Escola de Samba de Manila having what seems like a private mini concert by an unlit street at BGC. The sound was so inviting I would have jumped in immediately and jammed with them only I couldn’t dance to save my life! Haha. Next time, maybe!

Fete De La Musique c’est magnifique!
Excusez mon français s’il vous plaît!
Until the next festival!

LIVE CREATIVELY: Plan, push, play!
Captain Slate

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