June Sloot Giveaway!★

For most of you young guns, school will resume in a couple of days (if it hasn’t already). Surely the rainy and chilly weather hasn’t made it easy on us to wake up early.

Oh hey, Mr. Weather, good job on making me late again!
It’s a battlefield in my bed! A battlefield!

I feel that it’s such a waste to not enjoy an extra hour (or four) in bed while your body is still warm from the few hours of sleep you had. It’s not everyday that morning feels like this. I wish it was easy for me to skip my day job but I actually care about my -uhm- career.

Anyhoo, before I drift further away from what this post is really for, why don’t you join this month’s Sloot giveaway? Let it be the last mini contest you participate in as half of the year ends or make it your weekend project! All you have to do is come up with the most imaginative artwork using the city template you’ll find inside the June pages of your Slate Planner.

I quickly made this as a poor example of the artwork you can make! You can get the digital file here or draw on the similar pages found on your planner! We will be announcing the winner of this month’s Sloot and the contents of it  at the end of this month. You’ve plenty of time! I’m sure you can work on it on the weekends or in classes where your professors filed in for a sick leave and could be doing this:

I was browsing through Tumblr the other day and found this photo which perfectly shows what I (and I’m sure along with the rest of you) want to do right now: sit in front of the window, rain falling, in my (Chewbacca) fuzzy slippers, hot chocolate in hand and a really good book in the other. Sigh. A Captain can dream.


The whole team and I will be waiting for your entries!

Send them over at theslateplanner@rocketmail.com with the title CITY or whatever you can think of. It’s always fun to receive emails with the title PLEASE OPEN, PUPPY IS HUNGRY. I mean, who wouldn’t open that?


LIVE CREATIVELY and imagine a city of hungry puppies inside of emails!
Captain Slate

PS: I know, this is so random. Hope the contest part makes sense though 🙂 

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