Hello, Junebug!

So, this month is Relax-and-Take-a-Breather-month.

Personally, I didn’t anticipate that I will be busy on a month with a lighten up theme. Juggling my day job, managing Planet Slate, tyring to put together a new business plan and going to different cities to see what we can feature here is well, kinda tiring (but fun, don’t get me wrong 🙂 ). Oh and have I mentioned that the Team and I started on the initial stages of production of another planner for 2012? Boy oh boy do we have a busy month! So come to think of it, the theme for this month is actually fitting cause we need to find breaks in between all the work we will be facing.

Anyhoo, this month, expect another Sloot to be given away! All you have to do is color in this spread! You can also find this in the pages of your Slate planner! If you wish to work on it digitally or would like to print it and do whatever, here you go:

Just click on the image to save a file with a slighty higher resolution than this. 🙂

Oh and also, don’t forget to catch the 16th French Film Festival this month! Finally! We’ve been waiting for this for so long! See you there!


LIVE CREATIVELY and don’t forget to catch your breath!
Captain Slate

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