☛ Applehead Tattoo

For some people, getting a tattoo is serious business.

Come to think of it, getting something permanently inked on you is serious. Unless it is totally okay with you to wake up to an arm inked with a rainbow-pooping&smiling-unicorn while cupcakes and sprinkles sprout out of nowhere, then, getting a tattoo is not that big of a deal. (Sometimes I believe that getting a tattoo shouldn’t always be taken too seriously…but not too loosely…ahhh I’ve mixed feelings about this! #confuzzled)

Some of my friends and colleagues have tattoos while I have yet to decide whether I should get one anytime soon. You see, I blackout at the sight of blood. Okay, maybe not faint on the spot but I get really squeamish to the point of my knees buckling and me losing my grip but I’ve never thrown the idea of getting inked out the window yet. I guess I haven’t had one done because I just don’t have enough reason to. Plus, I am a wuss. Harhar.

When I was in college, a very close friend of mine had a tattoo done on her by the famous Ricky Sta. Ana. Oh man. That tattoo is a beautiful piece of art. Look:

It’s a mermaid (well, obviously) and from what I learned from her, as a popular nautical tattoo, mermaids represent potent female energy. The idea of mermaids seems whimsical but the dark take on the design had me wishing that I illustrated it first. The photo is not at all giving justice to the tattoo (the tattoo is healing and peeling in this photo so it looks overly bright and scaly)!

So anyhoo, some days later, my friend took up tattooing under Ricky Sta. Ana’s sturdy wings and bought her own tattoo kit. In a few months, Minnehaha (my friend) together with her husband put up their own tattoo shop: Applehead Tattoo! This month, they have a promo (for lack of better words on my part) called Lucky 8s!

And here are some of the impressive designs featured in their Lucky 8s this May:

Aren’t they stunning? If you have a different design in mind, the tattoo artists at Applehead Tattoo are more than willing to work with you! I’m taking the liberty of making their contact numbers available (Haha):

RYAN – 0916-612-8358
MINNIE – 0927-214-3332

I probably won’t be calling these guys soon…I have yet to decide why I want (or need?) to get a tattoo…get over being petrified by a needle…with 5-7 tips…blood all over…all that hoopla.

I should really get over it because I love the idea of my body being an artist’s canvas.

Captain Slate

2 Responses to “☛ Applehead Tattoo”
  1. gina matelli says:

    makes me want to go get a tattoo! beautiful! looks indian epic inspired….


    • Minnie says:

      Hi Gina! Let us know whenever you decide to get inked. We’d be happy to design you an awesome tattoo! -Minnie of Applehead Tattoo


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