Art, Food, and Bodies~

“A well-planned fully booked weekend is exciting, but a spontaneous adventure keeps you on your toes.”

We here in Planet Slate started a glorious Saturday early with plans of just eating food we were craving for but ended up filling the day with more than just delicious taste tests and food shots. Before summer ends, we recommend having a weekend where you do not have an itinerary, a schedule, a destination, and time limit. Just let yourself, armed with curiosity and open minds, be taken by spontaneous ideas and a bit of effective advertising. (We admit, we needed a bit of help from Googlemaps to get directions to places we remembered or heard about).We think you become more amazed and appreciative when you do not expect anything.

Here’s what happened on a no-plans Saturday:

Idea Number 1: UP Diliman Art Fair – Status: ACCOMPLISHED

Eclectic collection of things in UP Diliman

Found out there was a Summer art Fair going on in UP Bahay ng Alumni and decided to check it out. Plus, the ad said it featured handicrafts and handmade products and artworks. We’re all for anything original and creative here in Planet Slate so we just had to drop by. It was a small gathering of eclectic mishmash of things but what caught our eyes was the Rock Pile Formations at the center of the hall. A single man was piling rocks on their tips to form a masterpiece.

Art vs. Gravity

Idea Number 2: Visit a Food Fair – Status: ACCOMPLISHED

Thanks to Best Food Forward at NBC Tent, we satisfied all of our cravings and appetites with a variety of taste tests and original recipes. The tent was packed with concessionaires, exhibits, demos, and people – foodies and just ordinary hungry people. The great thing about food fairs is that you can taste something before you purchase. At the same time you can taste everything first and then decide which ones you like the best. Good thing they have tables where you can relax and devour your purchases.

Super submarinesChoco-late Batirol: Good old-fashioned hot chocolate. Even came with a demo on how to make it.

Sushi-shaped mini cakes

Sugarpie: Veggie meals and sweets. You have to try their veggie lasagna!

TIP: Bring your own market bag/eco bag when you visit fairs so you reduce the use of plastic bags. It’s great to know that most of the concessionaires already ask you if you need a bag when you purchase.

Idea Number 3: Go to a museum or exhibit – Status: ACCOMPLISHED

Our tummies were full and happy so we a had a brilliant idea that we should also feed the upper parts of the body. What better way to feed the mind and open the eyes than an interesting exhibit. We heard about the Myth of the Human Body Exhibition visiting Manila and tried our luck and just looked for it. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box date or trip, WE DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS. It can come as a bit of a shock to some, seeing all the plastinated skinless genuine human bodies but it would definitely teach you a thing or two about how miraculous we are as organisms. You would think we’ve had enough of anatomy in school but his has an in-you-face approach that you will not forget.

Myth of the Human Body: A mind-blowing experience

Plastination was developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens in the late 1970’s and in this exhibit, he presents real human specimens cut up, sliced, skinned, deboned, de-veined, hollowed, and everything else. The bodies, we discovered, were donated by the people themselves and Dr. von Hagens educated them of what he was going to do with their bodies even before they die. Interesting, if you were going to be plastinated, how would you want it to be done? Tell us and comment.

You can find it at Neobabylon Bldg 9 Bayani Road AFPOVAI, Taguig City. The exhibit is extended until December 4 2011.
Myth of the Human Body is open from 10.30 am to 8.30pm. Tickets are at Php 350 each. There is a guided tour that shows you around the museum for around an hour. Bring an open mind!

SLATE FAVORITES: Red Man, Skin Man, Boy in the Respiratory System Exhibit

Idea Number 4: Eat gelato – Status: ACCOMPLISHED

Not just gelato but affogato and gelato coffee. Awesome treat after looking at plastinated bodies. Thanks Gelatissimo!

Affogato in gelatissimo

Idea Number 5: Stuff our faces with lobster and beer – Status: NOT ACCOMPLISHED

Sadly after hours of walking and searching for a place that serves lobster and beer in Makati, we ended up with just beer.

Is there a place in Makati that serves lobster and beer which won’t blow the budget? The search is not over! Help Captain Slate out and tell us if you know of this magical place!

Tell us about your spontaneous weekend adventures! Email us at or comment here!

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